April 3, 2012

Wii U may fall short

There have been rumors that the Wii U will be releasing sometime in the fall of 2012, perhaps sometime in Nov. However the wait may not be worth it.

Developers for the Wii U platform have come forward¬†anonymously expressing their concerns and gripes with the platform. The general consensus however is that it simply cant compete with whats already out, the PS3 and X360. Despite Nintendo’s late entry into the HD market and all the time its had to study the competition and come up with something at least consistent it seems Nintendo may be falling short. One developer noted that its hardware is lacking with less shaders and it simply isnt capable of the performance of the PS3 or X360. It was given credit for being of a more modern design but in the end it just wont be able to keep up. One software developer said that just isnt at the same level as its console competitors. While the Wii U will be capable of HD output its future as a strong HD console looks bleak.

Aside from lacking in hardware and being incapable of pushing HD graphics the way it should the Wii U’s controller has also been the center of some bashing, primarily its design integration with the console itself. The issue isnt ¬†that each Wii U will have only one touch screen controller, but that for each console only one touch screen controller can be used, making it pointless to buy a second for other players, instead only one player gets the Wii U controller, anyone else has to use a traditional Wii controller. And as if that wasnt bad enough the controller is dependent on the Wii U console giving way for Sony to undermine Nintendo’s concept entirely. The PS3’s relationship with the PSVita is capable of everything the Wii U isnt making Sony the smarter buy.

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  1. Anders Vestrum - April 11, 2012 2:51 am

    I think you are absolutely right when you say that the Sony PS Vita would be a better buy. The Wii U just don’t seem to bee so future headed and just to “weak” to be a major hit in the gaming marked. People who buy the Wii U is people which already have a Wii and want the same games such as Mario and the good old Zelda games i think. Sorry for the bad English. Peace, I’m out!


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