Wii U Price and Date Announced! [Update]


This morn­ing in NYC, Nin­tendo of Amer­ica Pres­i­dent Reg­gie Fils-Aime took the stage and got the big ques­tions we had out of the way. The con­sole will launch on Novem­ber 18th here in the states. There will be two dif­fer­ent skus for the con­sole. The first will be white and priced at $299.99, and the sec­ond which is black that will be priced at $349.99. Listed below are what each sku comes with.


Game Pad Stand

Game Pad Cradle

Con­sole Stand

Nin­tendo Land game


The $50 upgrade to the deluxe edi­tion seems worth the extra cash con­sid­er­ing it has a full $50 game thrown into the pack­age. Now they did not go into the price of an extra Game Pad, the con­sole does sup­port up to two of these, it will be inter­est­ing to see what the price will be. The con­sole stand that comes with the deluxe edi­tion is some­thing I wasn’t expect­ing since Nin­tendo has said before the con­sole could not be turned on its side, I guess things have changed. Per­son­ally I would opt for a ver­ti­cal con­sole over a hor­i­zon­tal con­fig­u­ra­tion; it just gives a pres­ence on an enter­tain­ment cen­ter. The launch line up was hinted at, but stated that they are in talks with pub­lish­ers to nail down dates. They went into detail about Nin­tendo TVii, no it is not a mis­spelling that is how it is branded. Nin­tendo TVii will be the con­soles enter­tain­ment hub. You will have ser­vices such as Net­flix, Hulu, Ama­zon Instant Video, and com­plete con­trol of your DVR as well. The Game Pad will be the one con­troller for all, you can add favorites, posts reviews, and man­age your stream­ing queue straight from the con­troller. Nin­tendo TVii will be right out of the box on both ver­sions of the con­sole. So what do you think of the price and what is included with each con­sole? Once we learn of any more infor­ma­tion or what the launch lineup will look like, we will let you know.

[Update] Kotaku is now report­ing that Nin­tendo has told them the price of the games will match those of the 360 and PS3 and will be $59.99. Seems only right, but lets hope Nin­tendo is more will­ing to give games price drops years after their releases.

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