September 12, 2012

Wii U Weigh In


Tomorrow at 10 a.m. EST, Nintendo will hold a press event all about the Wii U. It is rumored that the price point, launch date, and launch titles will be announced at this conference. You can watch the press even here and I will be reporting on  it tomorrow morning as the event unfolds. Below editor Joe “ScrotusKilmystr and myself hit some important questions surrounding the launch of Nintendo’s new console. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if our predictions were accurate or completely talking out into the wind.


First and for most price; what will be the price, will they have different models, how much for the tablet controller, how much for the standard controller? Will the games hit the 59.99 mark the ps3 and 360 have set this generation?


Joe – I’m thinking no less than $299.99 maybe even $349.99 as a special ed with 2 controllers and a release title (not a tech demo) in the range of $349.99 to $399.99 as for the controllers, I can’t see the tablet going for less than $99.99 being that it’s the center of the system as for other controllers I’m thinking $49.99 as for the games I do think at least $59.99 because of the new tech and comparable graphics  and a list of high end core gamer titles.


Rick – I think we are looking at somewhere of a range of $249.99 to $349.99. I think they will have multiple sku’s but I can’t see it topping $349.99. The tablet controller will hopefully be under $79.99. The original Wii had a Nunchuck ($19.99) and a Wii Remote ($39.99 to $49.99 depending on Motion Plus and when you bought it) so you were looking at $60 to $70 for a complete controller. $99.99 may be a little steep, but the system can only handle two of them so a $99.99 price point may not hurt that much. I can see titles staying at $49.99; it could potentially undercut the other consoles that are running the same title.
Nintendo has typically launched games and consoles on Sunday, do you see this being any different and when will that date be?


Joe – Yeah Sunday will be the day and it will be during a hot week maybe sometime in November maybe even the week of COD and after much hyping that should be starting within the next few weeks I would think.


Rick – I say Sunday as well. I see the console launching sometime late November. I see it coming after the major triple A titles just in time for the Christmas launch. November 18th is my prediction.


After seeing all the games including the re-releases of some core titles (arkham city, mass effect 3) will the Wii u have the power to pull in the hardcore that the Wii potentially segregated? (At launch)


Joe – I think at first the hard core gamers may hesitate, except for the Nintendo fans, because I’m thinking (myself included) wants to see how these high end games work with the new tech.


Rick – If they can provide interesting scenarios with the tablet controller than I see it being a viable “core” console. If developers half the controller and add it on via the “Wii Waggle” it could be dead in the water. It needs the core titles the Wii never had, yes Nintendo had great first party support, but they also continued the lackluster third party support. They need support from top developers.
Will the Wii u hit that must have tech fad that the original Wii created? If so how long will it last, the last one hit a 4 year stride then started to taper off.


Joe – I don’t think they will with the new tech and possible high end pricing I don’t think it will be a hit will the casual crowd like the 1st Wii did (low price, cheap titles with huge selection) especially with phones grabbing up the casual market.


Rick – No, I don’t see it happening. I see the Wii U positioning it’s self like the GameCube and N64 did. I see Nintendo returning to the “core” audience and seeing what they can do with the controller tech and how they can push that to bring unique gaming experiences. Although Nintendo had some fantastic games on the Wii, none of them really took full advantage of the controller outside of Metroid Prime 3.
If you were an average gamer/consumer what haven’t they shown yet (outside of price or launch titles) that you would want from this console?

Joe – I haven’t seen that got to have title that isn’t a Mario game, something to use the tech and knock my socks off!


Rick – I want the backward compatibility to up the resolution of Wii games. Take the Dolphin emulator and put it on the hardware or something equivalent so that the games can have that 1080p resolution that is sorely needed.


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  1. DianaQ - September 12, 2012 9:00 pm

    Hello, I am really impressed with the entire gaming systems that are now incorporated into our schools. I remember just a few years back when the media and parents said that the gaming industry was a bad influence on young people. Well, here we are in 2012 and we have Wii’s in our schools for recess and exercise!! I am sure that the developers behind the Wii and Wii U will continue to bring out state of the art consols and equipment that will be commonplace in our schools for our youth to grow with in positive ways.


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