April 29, 2010

Will There Be A Homeworld III?

Ever since the release of Homeworld 2 back in September of 2003 fans have been salivating over the idea of a sequel.  The Homeworld series is easily one of the best and most successful PC space strategy games to date.  The detailed ships, excellent musical score, intelligent AI, balanced game play and intriguing story line set Homeworld up to be an instant classic.

It was expected with the success of Homeworld II that the Homeworld series would be made into a trilogy. Unfortunately due to mounting legal troubles and that the fact that the copyright and intellectual property were owned by two different companies, Vivendi and THQ, a sequel seemed near impossible.  In 2007 however rumors started to surface that the rights were being purchased back by THQ.  This was later confirmed that year by Eurogamer and THQ stating “THQ currently owns Relic, which in turn means that we now have the rights to the Homeworld brand, however, at this time we have no comment on any future games from THQ based on Homeworld.”

So what does all this mean?  Is there going to be a sequel?  Lets look at the facts.  THQ went to the trouble to PURCHASE the IP from Vivendi.  If a purchase was made there should be some intent behind it.  We can assume that there are one of two things are going to happen.  The first and most likely is they wanted to get all the rights back to produce another game.  It is unlikely that a company would ignore a game with a open story line and strong sales.  The second, and less likely option is they purchased the rights to make sure no one produces another Homeworld.

It’s been known for some time that THQ has had a couple of  “hush hush” projects that they have been keeping under tight raps.  THQ made the quote “We’re really happy the IP has made its way home, and yeah, we’re definitely looking at it.”  This is a strong indicator that a project is in the works or being heavily considered.

Jonathan Dowdeswell, Relic Executive Producer when asked about the continuation of the Homeworld franchise said “You can not believe how often I hear this question, in any case we would love to develop Homeworld 3!”

Another reason for speculation is the allusions of Relic to Homeworld III and the fact that Relic has yet to deny and rumors that Homeworld III is being produced.

I have the suspecion that a lot of work is being put into Homeworld III and that it will most likely be announced this year and is going to blow away the competition in the Space Sim RTS genre.  I know many, much like me, are very excited at the idea of a new addition to the Homeworld franchise.  I will do my best to keep up on any developments involving Homeworld III and I will post them here as  soon as they become available.  If anyone has any other sourced information regarding the game please send it my way and I will add it to this post.  If you wish to discuss this with others you can head over to the Homeworld III section in the forums here.


  1. thsoundman - May 2, 2010 4:13 pm

    I myself am hopeful as well. I loved the first two homeworlds. They were masterfully made and I can remember many a lan in the dorm where we would spend hours trying to defeat AI fleets 😛 We didn’t succeed alot of the time 😛

  2. j - May 2, 2010 12:53 pm

    Interesting round up of the status/potential. I found this post because I am so hopeful about a potential Homeworld 3, that I have a Google Alert set up for any posts on blogs or forums containing “homeworld 3”. Over the top, I know. 🙂

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