June 12, 2013

x from Monolith Software has all of my Attention


We saw this title a few months back on a Wii U specific Nintendo Direct and while information still is vague, the videos are selling this game to me ten fold. I liked Monolith’s last Nintendo entry Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, but it felt more ambitious than the hardware could manage at times. Now with more horsepower under the Wii U’s bonnet, Monolith is making a title that looks like a combination of Lost Plant 2 (4 player co-op, mechs) and Monster Hunter. We do know that the game will have an open world and the video’s show the enormous creatures that inhabit this world. We also get a good look at the transforming mechs that feel like the have fallen out of Robotech. The backdrops, creatures, and mechs just look amazing. If the game is as fun to play as it is to look at, I have the next gen platform and it may steal the thunder away from which ever other one I buy. The title won’t be out until 2014, but keep giving me trailers like this one and it will keep me quite enticed.


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