February 5, 2013

XBL Weekly Update


There wasn’t too much added when I fired up my 360 this morning but there are some good deals in the Deal of the week. Forza Horizon still continues to pump out car packs with the Jalopnik Car Pack, which will run you 400 points (free to those who have the season pass). The Deal of the Week is the thing to look forward to this week. There are a number of arcade games on sale that will run from 160 MP – 600MP. Here is the list below.


Hydrophobia – 160 Mp (67% off)

Hybrid – 400 MP (67% off)

Earthworm Jim HD – 400 MP (50% off)

Zeno Clash UE – 400 MP (50% off)

Orcs Must Die – 600 MP (50% off)

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare 600 MP (50% off)

Alan Wake’s American nightmare is well worth the points I finally picked it up a few months ago when it was on sale. Hybrid was an interesting take on the 3rd person┬ácompetitive shooter from the people that brought you Scribblenauts, I am not sure how well the community is holding up though. Hydrophobia was originally a mess when released but has been patched making it much better than it was. I may pick it up with the extra points I have sitting around. Brad, our resident Orcs Must Die nut, would tell you to purchase it, love it, and adore it. There is some good stuff to be had so even if you have some extra points lying around, like I do, there is something for you.

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