April 25, 2013

Xbox 360 Successor to be Announced May 21st


Microsoft made it official yesterday that on May 21st at 10 am PST, they will unveil the Xbox 360 successor codenamed Durango. There has been wide speculation that this console will require a internet connection to operate, that every console will be¬†integrated¬†with Kinect, that it will have a Blu-Ray drive, and that the controller will not change significantly from what the 360 offers. All of these rumors will hopefully be put to rest on this date. The live event can be seen on Xbox Live, right here at Xbox.com, or on Spike TV. We will be covering the live event and all news leading up to and after the event. I have both of Microsoft’s console offerings with the 360 being my primary this generation, but as of right now the PlayStation 4 has more of my interest as a consumer. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft fire back at Sony. Again the date is May 21st 10 am PST/7 am EST.

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