March 5, 2013

Xbox Live Update: One Last Time into the Dream


There is some great sales this week on some Saturn titles that have been brought to the arcade not to long ago. The last DLC for Mass Effect 3 hits in two parts. A new demo for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 featuring the legend himself, Arnold Palmer (which makes fantastic Half & Half’s). If you are going to download the Mass Effect DLC, please keep in mind that there are two parts because of how big the download is; you may also want to give it some time to download. There are two parts, each 2GB worth of info, 4GB all together, for a add on it’s massive. Here is what hits today:


Mass Effect 3: The Citadel 1200 MP

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – Demo – Free

Forza Horizon – March Meguiar’s Car Pack – 400 MP

Deal of the Week: March 5th – March 11th

Nights into Dreams – 400 MP (50%0ff)

Sonic the Fighters – 160 MP (60% off)

Fighting Vipers – 160 MP (60% off)

Virtua Fighter 2 – 160 MP (60% off)

Virtua Fighter 5 FS – 400 MP (67% off)

Karateka – 400 MP (50% off)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – 800 (50% off)


I still have my Saturn copy of Virtua Fighter 2, but Nights I sadly don’t. The Nights into Dreams is the HD version and you don’t have to use that terrible, bulky Saturn analog controller. I never got to try out Fighting Vipers aside from the Fighters Megamix, which now needs to be ported Sega; snap, snap! I bought Virtua Fighter 5 FS when it was on sale over New Years, and is quite possibly one of the best fighters of this generation. For information on everything above and anything I didn’t cover head over to the Official Xbox page. I may have to delete the install of Rage to make some room this week, see anything that catches your eye?


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  1. DianaQ - March 5, 2013 7:21 pm

    I would enjoy the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 with Arnold Palmer!!


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